All images remain property of Showalter Photography LLC, and are protected under U.S. Federal Copyright Laws.  Duplication in part or in whole (including, but not limited to, Distribution of digital images, scanning or reprinting) is strictly prohibited and may incur fines up to $10,000 per image as defined by law.

If you have purchased digital images from Showalter Photography we are granting you the ability to print and or use the images on-line.  This release in no way allows you to change the files from their original state or distribute or make copies of the digital image files.



Social Media is such an awesome place to share photos!  Please feel free to use any photos I put on Facebook [I’ll tag you] for your profile picture or wall.  You can also use any of the web rez files that you receive at your ordering appt.  I just ask that you don’t crop out our watermark/copyright & if you don’t mind trading us that would be great, Thanks!